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ACDSee Pro 8.x (or 1.x) is not compatible with Vista

Posted by twoace on September 15, 2007

I just realize that ACDSee Pro 8.x is not compatible with Vista. 😦
If user wants to migrate to Vista, then he have to migrate previous ACDSee Pro to ACDSee Pro 2. They plan to release new version (V2) with Vista compatible.
“ACDSee will be releasing a public beta version of ACDSee Pro 2 at the end of April 2007. This is a pre-release of the next version of the ACDSee Pro product. It will be compatible with Windows Vista. As is typical with a beta release, it will expire after a predetermined amount of time. (see Note) This version will be available in English only.

Note: This is not an update for the first release of the ACDSee Pro product. It is a new version of the product and will be available for sale in the Fall of 2007. Upon commercial release, the product will bear the “Certified for Windows Vista” designation from Microsoft.”

So it means that they don’t update previous version to be Vista compatible. Duh…
Users have to buy or upgrade to new version! Buy 129,99, and upgrade 90,99 (30% discount)!

When I tried to track back ACDSee promotion, I read that they offered Summer Savings for ACDSee Pro 8 (or 1)which was Half Off 64.99 from 129.99! And this was until August 10, 2007!
Half off ACDSee Pro
I hope that those buyers during that period received free update from ACDSee.
Well, it’s business, isn’t it?…

Dearest ACDSee, please give free update Vista compatible to ACDSee Pro 8 users…

Notes: I have not tried ACDSee Pro 8 running on Vista yet. I’m still planning to migrate to Vista, but I don’t have enough courage to migrate currently.*still searching info for Vista compatibility program*


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