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Share problem experience with internet connection after dial-up

Posted by twoace on September 13, 2007

Previously I always had problem with internet connection after dial-up.
First time dial-up is successfully but then after disconnected, there is no possibility to connect to internet anymore! Any kind of connection, like dial-up, Local Area Network, and Wireless Network. I almost had to restart my computer every time after dial-up! I wanted to cry… what’s the matter with my computer?…

Then I found cause of the problem. Ipconfig output:


Part#A (during problem), I see that there are 3 adapters (LAN, Wireless, PPP Adapter which is dial-up adapter).
Part#B (normal situation), 2 adapters (LAN, Wireless).

Part#A. It seems that dial-up adapter was not detached properly after dial-up disconnected. Dial-up adapter still have IP Address and Windows take dial-up adapter as the highest priority (this is default as far as I know). That’s why no matter which connection, connection will always go through this dial-up adapter ( ip address) .

I still don’t know the root cause of this. I tried to find but no idea. Somehow, after try and error many times (including reset winsock), I finally find workaround solution for this! УРА (hurray)….!!!

The idea is to remove dial-up adapter configuration (or reset adapter configuration).
My try and error give me result that WAN Miniport (IP) device should be reset by disabling and enabling again.

Steps are as following:

  1. Run “System” on Control Panel to access Device Manager
    Resetting WAN Miniport
  2. Access Device Manager. Expand Network Adapter. WAN Miniport under Network Adapter is not displayed here.
    Resetting WAN Miniport
  3. To show WAN Miniport under Network Adapter, choose menu “View” -> “Show hidden device”.
    Resetting WAN Miniport
  4. WAN Miniport is shown. Reset WAN Miniport by disabling it first.
    Resetting WAN Miniport
  5. Choose yes for confirmation.
    Resetting WAN Miniport
  6. Enable WAN Miniport.
    Resetting WAN Miniport
  7. WAN Miniport back to normal again.
    Resetting WAN Miniport
  8. Final step is to check ipconfig result again. Dial-up adapter configuration should be disappeared and connection is back to normal again. Part#A is during problem, Part#B is normal time or after resetting WAN Miniport. Picture is the same as before.

Now I’m happy, I don’t have to restart computer again when I encounter this problem.

Good luck!


One Response to “Share problem experience with internet connection after dial-up”

  1. Ziqry said


    Thanks God i found Your website.

    I have same problem..
    after sometime, suddenly, my dial up connection is broken.

    then i was unable to connect again until i restart the computer.. hmmph.

    when i run ipconfig, there’s a PPP Adapter that still exists (with IP

    I’m sure, following your step by step, i will be able to connect again without restarting my comp..

    thanks a lot for your advice


    (still don’t why my dialup connection broken suddenly.. i already uncheck the save power option from usb properties)

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