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Should I blog or not?

Posted by twoace on August 13, 2007

Should I blog or not?


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Windows Genuine Advantage Notification is …..

Posted by twoace on August 13, 2007

Few days ago, I got Windows Genuine notification when I started my computer. I was so surprised!

WGA Notification
About one month ago, I replaced my hard disk with bigger one, then just now Windows stated that I had to activate Windows in 3 days. 3 days! Can you imagine that? (Unfortunately, I didn’t capture this 3 days and block access statement). If I couldn’t connect to internet in 3 days, then I think that I will get big problem. I will not be able to use my computer and access my data. This is ridiculous! Hmm… what exactly will happen after 3 days??…

What we should do to this:

  1. Activate license via internet in 3 days. This will not be good if you could not access internet in 3 days. Imagine if you were in business trip to some small cities with very bad internet.
  2. Buy new license via internet or shop in 3 days. Internet again! And we also have to spend money which we don’t have to!Windows buy license
  3. Backup data in 3 days, so that we can still access data with other computer.
  4. Install another Operating System on your computer in 3 days. Remember to check File System compatibility so that it can read type of used file system (e.g. NTFS).
  5. Prevention steps to avoid such situation:
    – Always backup data (no. 3)
    – Always have another Operating System on your computer (no. 5).
    – Migrate to another Operating System, open source (like Ubuntu)!

Well, actually Windows is a great Operating System especially after Windows XP.

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