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Phone and Modem Options permission in Control Panel

Posted by twoace on July 25, 2007

Well, I am very happy!
Finally, I found an article how to run “Phone and Modem Options” as administrator. At least workaround!

Okay, back to problem.
I always use ordinary user in Windows. It is one of best practices to increase security level against virus and spyware. Using administrators group in Windows is like using user root in Unix.

Sadly, I have to use Power Users group for my work because of some programs. 😦
Fortunately, ordinary user is running okay for homework (at home).

One of the problems in ordinary user I encountered is that it’s not allowed to run advanced function in “Phone and Modem options”. Add, remove modem, and the best part is diagnostic. It’s ridiculous to change user from ordinary user or power user to administrator (ad) and vice versa, in order to diagnose modem if something goes wrong. Especially when you have (different) mobile phone and want to change setting (in example Access Point Name) . Hmm… or may be it’s only happened to me. :))

To make it short.
There is no option to “Run as” in “Phone and Modem Options”. But there is a way as describe in:

Find telephon.cpl @ windows/system32 directory. Right click and choose “Run as”, then type administrator login and password. Voila, you can access full function!


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